When Namjoon said that he’s curious to know our ARMY story, I found myself in front of my laptop penning my outline for my ARMY story in time for BTS’s 8th Anniversary. It’s their 8th in the biz, but my first-anniversary event as a fan. So how did I get here?

The life before BTS

I am that KDRAMA fan who’s never immersed in KPOP. I know BTS, for sure. But I was not interested. In my head, I even questioned my mutual friends who are fans of KPOP. I mean, do you even understand what they’re singing? I often…

When I did my Korean Drama ranking in 2020, I knew that there’s a lot on the pile that I missed. As I celebrate my blog anniversary today, I opted to give an updated list of top KDramas to binge-watch as of 2021.

For a year, I was able to increase my KDrama library to 75; I devoted my free time watching top-rated and underrated KDramas that most of my Hallyu-crazy friends recommended.

But what makes a good KDrama? I personally enjoy a series if it’s rich in life lessons, new learnings, and unpredictable twists. I live for dialogues that…

What a perfect time to do a remake of a Hallyu classic now that anything Korean dominates Asia. This month’s major buzz is the remake of the 2006 hit Korean series Princess Hours. After 15 years, we’ll be seeing a new breed of artists reprising the roles of Crown Prince Lee Shin and Chae-Kyung Shin among others.

Credits to the owner of the photo — Left to Right: Song Ji-Hyo (Hyo Rin), Ju Ji-Hoon (Crown Prince Lee Shin), Yoon Eun-Hye (Crown Princess Shin Chae-Kyung), and Kim Jeong-Hoon (Prince Yul).

For late K-bloomers like my mom, Princess Hours is that series badge that catapulted the careers of Yoon Eun-Hye (Coffee Prince [2007]), Ju Ji-hoon (Kingdom [since 2019], Along With the Gods [2018]), and Song Ji-Hyo (Was It Love [2020], Running Man [since 2010]).

If there’s a material that I would recommend to a non-KDRAMA fan, it would be Park Hae-soo’s Prison Playbook. I regret not hyping this up when it’s freshly released as Netflix Originals in 2017. It didn’t get enough social fire that it deserved, so here I am doing my part.

In case you didn’t know Lee Do Hyun, he’s that four-eyed leader in this webtoon-turned-Netflix Original Series titled “Sweet Home” with Song Kang as the main lead. That was the first time I watched Lee Do Hyun. His underrated charm has tossed me to discovering his acting catalog. My first LDH discovery was his recent work which is ‘18 Again’ — the 2020 Korean Drama remake of the popular Zac Efron and Matthew Perry (Friends) 2009 film ‘17 again.’

Credit where credit’s due, I enjoyed 17 again in all its comic glory. But JTBC’s 18 again created a satisfying stretch…

On this month’s #TheiExperience, I visited a new dining locus.

Of all the coffee places that I have visited (as if there’s a lot), Coffee Project is the cafè I prefer if I am up for a heavy meal and an hour of writing. This Villar-managed coffee brand has recently launched (yet just another) American-themed cafè called Dear Joe. While Dear Joe positions itself as a writer’s cafe— a positioning tagline supported by its in-store experiences, it offers the same Coffee-project hook but with an upgraded menu.

The ambiance of Dear Joe is a semi-replica of its mother brand; the…

Spoiler Alert: Watch the movie first on https://upstream.ph/ before reading my film feels. Support local films. Register at upstream and buy your tickets for Php 250. Let’s help our entertainment industry. No to piracy!

Direk Antoinette Jadaone’s Fan Girl is a story of escapism. Fangirls cling to their idols to escape their unfortunate realities. Like in the movies, they have backstories too. They draw comfort from their idol’s presence. Too often they look at their bias as a cure more than a joy booster. Fangirling becomes therapeutic but somehow addictive. …

I miss going to the cinemas. But I am so proud to say that the last movie that I remembered watching in cinemas was Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino’s “Isa Pa, With Feelings”.

“Isa Pa, With Feelings” directed by Direk Prime Cruz is the best movie of 2019 surpassing the promising entries on my honorable list: Star Cinema’s Hello, Love, Goodbye, Black Sheep’s Alone/Together, and Netflix’s Dead Kids. Though late, I’m still pumped up to share why I’m so obsessed with this movie (the feels still linger!) But hey, IPWF will be available on NETFLIX on CHRISTMAS DAY… so… why…

And his military hiatus.

For the record, I love Park Bo-gum. I have been familiar with his alluring charm and shriek-triggering eye-smiles since 2016. I have never seen such a celebrity with a very inviting aura. He is that unassuming campus heartthrob who always makes his grandma proud.

I only got to see his complete screen work when he was paired with Hallyu queen Song Hye Kyo for the 2018 series Encounter. It was only this year when I watched him in Reply 1988 (gosh my lifetime fave!) as Choi Taek and Love In The Moonlight as Lee Yeong.

Reply 1988


The New York Times published an article online with a headline: “The Advertising Industry has a problem: People hate ads.” This was lifted from several insights during a session in last year’s Advertising Week conference in New York City. This huddle instigated an interesting discussion about advertising fatigue. A former magazine content officer shared a strong statement during the conference which earned a nod from some advertisers: “People hate advertising. And it’s all [the] advertiser’s fault.”

This advertising problem has even prompted some app creators to include an ‘ad-free’ option as a premium value for users who dislike commercial disruptions…

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