On this month’s #TheiExperience, I visited a new dining locus.

Of all the coffee places that I have visited (as if there’s a lot), Coffee Project is the cafè I prefer if I am up for a heavy meal and an hour of writing. This Villar-managed coffee brand has recently launched (yet just another) American-themed cafè called Dear Joe. While Dear Joe positions itself as a writer’s cafe— a positioning tagline supported by its in-store experiences, it offers the same Coffee-project hook but with an upgraded menu.

The ambiance of Dear Joe is a semi-replica of its mother brand; the elements that spark difference are the fresh produce displayed on its counter, plants that accentuated the corners of the cafè, and some writer-friendly chairs — (perhaps you can even do your 8–5 work here).

The place is inviting for a long stay especially if you are lucky to spot an open space with this aesthetic study light. Dear Joe also offers two (2) hours of free wifi. (Though too often Coffee Project’s wifi password doesn’t work. Lol).

This corner has a socket plug!
I kept on snapping photos and I noticed there were two guys who were looking at me. Little did I know that former Senator Manny Villar (with his team) was just at that side corner. Lol.

Okay, game. Since I don’t drink coffee (sorry if you expect some coffee talk here!), let’s talk about food. For blogging purposes, I splurged; this is also so each food line is well represented: meal, drink, and dessert. As a celebratory meal after I successfully parked our car in between two cars (yes, small wins), I ordered Truffle Penne & Cheese Pasta, Floral Raspberry Kiwi Drink, and Peach Mango Mousse cake for today’s carb-fest.

MyFitnessPal isn’t happy.

I have trust issues when restaurants offer truffle-flavored items on their menu. More often than not I get disappointed. Good thing Dear Joe’s Truffle Pasta & Cheese didn’t disappoint. The truffle-cheese cream is yummy. The taste is justifiable for its price (though the best truffle pasta I tasted only cost Php 200). I wasn’t able to finish my Raspberry drink because it’s too sweet. I ordered a bottle of drink instead. (I suggest you bring your own water tumbler).

The dessert is forgettable though. I still prefer Teacher’s Oven’s no-bake cheesecake. Dear Joe’s Peach Mango Mousse cake is too sweet for my taste bud. The base foam is also a bit dry. It’s more jell-y than mousse-y. The peach is like a wet version of the dried mango snack we usually buy in Kultura. It somehow contradicts what the counter facade implies. Plus points though for presentation.

Disclaimer: One dessert shouldn’t define the entire cake line of Dear Joe.

Though I think the term “Instagrammable” has to retire, this millennial strategy is an inevitable marketing pursuit for all things new. In-store artsy spots have become valuable investments that would eventually give a brand free advertising. (Uhy, may advertising lecture pa rin on the side! Lol!) Of course, Dear Joe houses snap-worthy corners that deserve a tile or more on one’s feed. This #theiexperience featuring Dear Joe still deserves a good nod. If you’re planning to go to Cavite, visit Dear Joe. Stop, sip, and snap; order that truffle pasta and finish that project!

For more information, visit Dear Joe’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dearjoephl

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